Hi, I'm Nate

Personally, talking about myself has always been a challenge. I have no problem rattling on about the newest display technologies, or the code I wrote last week…but for some reason when it comes to me I prefer to be the man behind the green curtain.

Well, here goes nothing...

Like most (not so normal) children I loved to break tinker with whatever I could get my hands on. My favorite things to observe were usually electrical in nature. I would search through my neighbors' trash bins to find things to take apart. Birthday and Christmas presents often consisted of gadgets, electrical components or other items that required batteries. What really drove me to these things were the possibilities they offered. Every circuit or bit of code had millions of ways they could be cobbled together, but all it took was a truly great idea and these tools to make something cool.

Something interesting.

Something that makes people stop and wonder, if only for a second.

This is how I wanted to express myself. Words are boring (can you believe people still use words?), I like to express myself - my ideas - through a moment. An experience. Even if that moment is as fast as a mouse click. While I often work on projects that are creative in nature, other projects like payment systems and databases that don't look pretty fascinate me just as much. You're probably thinking, "Did he just say fascinating databases...really?" I know it's odd, but when systems work so seamlessly that you barely notice the technology behind them it is truly captivating. When you can take a complex task or idea and convey it through circuits, code and metal it almost seems like sorcery. I think Arthur C. Clarke said it best:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.-Arthur C. Clarke

This is what I strive for with my projects. I like to push the boundaries of technology to the point where it seems like magic. And when I do this, I feel like part of me is expressed through it.

So maybe that's it. Perhaps I don't like talking about myself because I, like the Wizard of Oz, believe that my technological illusions will somehow lose their power if I expose the person behind it all.

The man behind the green curtain.

Because at the end of the day there will always be a bug to be fixed, code to simplify, circuits to solder. There will always be a hole in the illusion, and there will need to be someone to fix it. Someone like me. Maybe the question shouldn't be 'Who are you and what do you do?' because that's confusing to me.

For me, what I do is who I am.

So, what do I do? I am a web developer with an interest in UX, Graphic Design, Responsive Design, and Rich Web Apps. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. I have several projects going on at any given time, some personal and some professional. I have experience with many modern web technologies and the base knowledge to learn anything else. If you're interested in seeing my past experice and current skill set, please contact me.